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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 10: Saturday morning brunch

Friday was leftovers and pizza. A nice, lazy Friday night with company.

Saturday morning, brisk and chilly. Saturday morning with a pantry low on goods. Saturday morning with a brand new pan. Today's menu, unplanned and wonderful:
  • ebelskivers (dutch spherical pancakes), 
  • scrambled eggs, and
  • ham steak.
Fun can to go with a fun pan.

 This is a time-consuming breakfast, but it's pretty fun and delicious.

Even though the mix was a great gift to get me started from my moms I'm not sure if I'll get it again. There are so many unincluded ingredients that it may be just as easy to mix it from scratch.

Arya is a perkier little baby. She loves to help.

The mix gets combined with melted butter, whipped egg whites, and milk.
A pretty mixture.
Fill each hole to almost half.

Make sure you pre-heat the pan and brush each hole with melted butter -this gives the nice exterior.

The other side.

Flip each pancake over, dumping out the un-cooked batter into the pan.

My mom used toothpicks, I used skewers, I heard that #2 knitting needles are "perfect," according to a review on

The can, the reviews, and tradition encouraged me to try fillings. I went with something I had ready in the fridge: maple butter.

The maple butter's sugars created a very crusty outside.

 I'm not sure I'd use a such a sugar-based filling next time. It didn't stay in a nice little pocket in the pancakes and the filling oozed out and was VERY hot.

I burned myself turning a pancake over, it was immediately painful but the pain subsided to be replaced with a pink and white dry blister. I think it's a pretty solid second-degree burn. No more sugar-based fillings for me unless I want a caramelized thumb.
Plain. Dusted with powdered sugar.

Oh yeah, there was other food:

I love this cutting board. It's beautiful

Happy Winter Weekend.

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