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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 7+8: Colin's big show: Parmesean-crusted chicken cutlets

Day 7: The meal that tastes and looks amazing:
Day 8: The meal that was just as good the next day:
Long day. Drama club makes me hungry. I come in STARVING. So time for an after-school snack because tonight's dinner is going to take a while.

Parmesan-crusted chicken cutlets don't have a lot of ingredients.

The first step is to slice each chicken breast in half lengthwise and then to bread coat them in the crust before pan frying them.

We ran out of Parmesan and hand to improvise with "farm cheese" from Colin's secret Santa

Timing everything just so. It's a drippy, messy process but the result is decadent.

While Colin got started on the chicken, I went to work on the potatoes. This recipe asked for the potatoes to be baked instead of boiled. The result was very similar to the boiled mashed potatoes I've made.

Bake, half, de-flesh and mash. That's the process here.

In some ways this baking method was easier. Prior to baking I microwaved the potatoes for a few minutes to get it started.

Halving the potatoes, while hot, was a lot faster than peeling them one on one.

While the potatoes baked, Colin cooked.

Fammie wished for tuna.

After they were complete, it was incredible.
Crispy, but not burned. Melty but not chewy.

The chicken cutlets were just perfect. This recipe was perfect and our cheese modification didn't hurt it at all.

So good.

It's great that there was enough for two dinners for two. Wednesday was delicious. Thursday was delicious.

Thursday was another late day. Colin worked late and I had fillings put in.

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