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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Day ?: What's that? Brunch?

The First Quarter: Good Morning
Today's message is brought to you by Brunch, it's what's not for dinner. Tonight, like Saturday, we're not cooking dinner -just eating it. We're back to our regularly-scheduled programming tomorrow.

The Second Quarter: Get Ready
Our brunches aren't as planned as everything else. A typical weekend meal is bacon, eggs, and toast. I prefer pancakes, Colin likes bacon.We don't have any bacon right now, so we decided on:

The Third Quarter: Cookin'
I usually keep pancake mix in the pantry because it's just so much easier that way. Kodiak Cakes is my favorite standby brand mostly because all I have to add is water and they're fluffy and delicious. I didn't have any so I made a simple recipe from my standby "how do I make that again?" cookbook: Better Homes and Gardens, 2009. Just flour, egg, baking powder, sugar, oil and milk -hand mixed.

Simple, quick and delicious.
Some good friends of mine gave Colin and I a nice cast-iron griddle and grill for a housewarming gift this summer. It's my favorite thing for pancakes, and grilled carrots.

Cast iron is great for pancakes. I dislike it for eggs.
My trick for the perfect over-easy eggs is a non-stick skillet topped with a splatter screen.

The Fourth Quater: Eatin'

Breakfast is delicious, easy and quick and accompanied best by home-made coffee with a French press.
Spread the love.

Breakfast for two.

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