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Monday, January 20, 2014

Day 5: Looks Like Meat's Back on The Menu Boys (and Girls)

Let's get goin':
Today was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. A time-honored day of peace and remembrance. Not to mention a day off from school for many students and teachers. The plan was: cleaning and cooking. Instead I took Arya to the vet (low appetite) and did cooking. The vet isn't as worried as Colin and I are, but she got an antibiotic shot and guidance to go back to the humane society for blood-work if she doesn't perk up soon.

Following the regularly-scheduled menu tonight is:
Playing with fire:
Roasts aren't difficult, they're easy and delicious one-pot meals. They're time-consuming however. First comes the vegetables.

Arya doesn't want the veggies.

Fammie isn't sure why vegetables are on the ground.

After the vegetables are skinned, cut, and prepped the meat gets seared and buried in a nest of veggies.

Finally, after the meat is done, it's time to mix up the cider vinegar, apple cider, mustard, butter, and drippings sauce.

Sunday dinner on Monday night:

The roasted veggies and pork loin roast with apple cider sauce.

If you look carefully you can see my ankle boot and Star Wars pajamas.
Tomorrow we plan the next few days of menu.

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