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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 4: A New Dinner

The setting:
Friday night. A night for relaxing, socializing, and hanging out with friends. That's not exactly how it went down in this household. I was expecting a late night, thanks to a doctor's appointment but it didn't turn out so bad. I was fitted with a boot, perscribed an anti-inflammatory and sent on my way. Getting home early made our wheels turn.

So, we invited his brother over for dinner and decided to go look at kittens. We brought one home from the Humane Society.

Arya, the Artist Formerly Known as Sheba. 4 mo. Domestic Short hair.
The other cats definitely did not pick Arya. Neither are very pleased. But lucky for them Arya is adjusting and they're invited to dinner and little Arry isn't.

Building action:
Tonight's menu is comforting, wholesome American food cooked by Colin:
The garlic bread was accomplished by slicing a loaf of fresh-baked (grocery-bought) bread, applying butter and minced garlic with a bit of grated farm cheese Colin got as a part of the Reddit gifts Secret Santa.

Meat sauce using lean ground beef.

Garlic bread, toasty.

The climax:
It's simple, it's delicious, it's not very healthy. Colin did a great job and it was wonderful.

Only vine-fresh summer tomatoes could have been better.

The resolution:
Playing with the new kitten is better than blogging and cleaning up. Sorry for the late post. Have a cute picture:
Fitting in just fine.

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